2 thoughts on “A must see video!!!

  1. I am sorry to say there were major items in the video I can’t buy into. I will just make a few points. We will never be able to have unity with those who are in opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Socialism from the beginning of time is a failed concept. Most if not all are anti-God. I find it very hard to accept unity with those who are hell bent on destroying Christianity not only in our country as well as around the entire world.
    He made a major statement frequently stating It very hard to be a Christian. If you are a lukewarm Christian, Yes.
    If you are a totally surrendered Christian is Not hard at all. I have no opinions on what the Word says I just accept it and follow it to the best of my ability. I don’t bend it, try to reshape it to accommodate my interpretation predicated what situation that is set before me.The results of unconditionally surrendering to God’s Word makes it very easy to be a Christian. What is hard are the consequences and persecution when one takes a stand unwavering in their convection. No matter how good a politicians intentions might sound, none are to be totally believed. I have been around that block too many times.

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