#Devotional – The Comeback – April 25 -May 1, 2021

April 25-May 1 – Coming Back from a Bad Decision – Joshua 9-10

Sunday, April 25 – Please read Joshua 9:1-2 – What came against Israel?

Monday, April 26- Please read Joshua 9:3-6 – How did the Gibeonites present themselves?

Tuesday, April 27 – Please read Joshua 9:7-15 – How did Joshua make his decision and what did he leave out?

Wednesday, April 28- Please read Joshua 9:16-21 – What did Joshua find out about the Gibeonites?

Thursday, April 29 – Please read Joshua 9:22-27 – What did the Gibeonites wind up them doing?

Friday, April 30 – Please read Joshua 10:1-15 – Who did Joshua and the Israelites wind up defending?

Saturday, May 1 – Please read Joshua 10:16-28 – How did God bless Joshua and Israel?

Video introduction and suggested devotional reading for “The Comeback” – Coming Back from a Devastating Loss – April 11-17, 2021

April 11 -17, 2021 – Coming Back from a Devastating Loss – Job

Sunday April 11 – Please read Job 1:1-12 – Who did Satan get permission from to touch Job?

Monday, April 12 – Please read Job 1:13-22 – What was the extent of Job’s losses?

Tuesday, April 13 – Please read Job 2:1-13 – What happened to Job’s health?

Wednesday, April 14 – Please read Job 3:1-26 – What was thing Job feared most in Job 3:25?

Thursday, April 15 – Please read Job 19:23-29 – What is Job confident will happen?

Friday, April 16 – Please read Job – 23:1-12 – What statement shows the confidence of Job?

Saturday, April 17 – Please read Job 42:10-17 – What was the extent of Job’s comeback?

#loss #grief #Comeback – New Series at Calvary Chapel – The Comeback – Please join us this Sunday for “Coming Back from a Devastating Loss” – 8:30AM, 9:45am (Family Service) and 11:15am. Live in person and on Facebook (@calvarychapelsi) and Youtube (calvarychapelsi), live stream calvarychapelsi.org and on 570AM and 102.3 The mission beginning at 11:30am

#comeback – The COMEBACK – Week 1

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In 2004 the American League Championship Series was between longtime rivals the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees were favored and won the first three games. The Yankees scored 19 runs in the third game alone. It appeared that the Red Sox were dead in the water.  They had not won a World Series since 1918. It looked like their drought would continue.

     The odds were certainly against the Red Sox because no team had come back from a 3-0 deficit in a seven-game series. Could the Red Sox be the first? It sure didn’t look like it. They were down 4-3 in the bottom of the ninth inning of game 4 with famed closer Mariano Rivera on the mound for the Yankees. For all practical purposes, the Yankees could book their hotel rooms for the World Series.

     On paper, this game and this series were over. But then something amazing happened. The Red Sox came back to tie the game and then to win it on a two-run homer by David Ortiz,“Big Papi”, in the bottom of the twelfth inning. They were still alive. After that they never looked back. They won the remaining three games with the Yankees, winning the series four games to three. They then won four straight games in the World Series against the St Louis Cardinals to become World Series Champs for the first time in 86 years. What a story, what a Comeback!!!.

     Everyone likes a good comeback story. This one is one of the greatest in baseball history. It reminds us to never give up and to fight against all odds. As followers of Christ, we know being down doesn’t mean being out.  We can experience a resurgence, a comeback with the help of God.

     Right now, I think we would all agree that humanly speaking things have been extremely tough for over a year. The pandemic has devasted our nation and our city. It has changed the church in ways we could never imagine. It has also wreaked havoc with many of our lives. It has left some discouraged, some despairing, some defeated, some depressed and some even doubting. What we need right now is a Comeback. The people of God need it individually, the church needs it corporately and our City and Nation need it desperately.

The Greatest Comeback of all time was when Jesus Christ came back from the grave on that first Resurrection Sunday.  His resurrection is the message, motive and model for all real comebacks. Starting Easter Sunday, when we celebrate Jesus’ comeback, and continuing through July 4th, we at Calvary are going to be looking at the many great comebacks in the Scriptures. We have also designed a devotional that is on our app (text ccsi  app to 77977) and our website (calvarychapelsi.org) and at NYCShepherd.com.  I am challenging myself and you to be a part of this special study.  By God’s grace we will all be a part of His amazing story, “The Comeback”.


Pastor Dave Watson

April 4 -10, 2021 – Coming back from the Grave -The Greatest Comeback of All Time

Sunday, April 4 – Please read Colossians 3:1-4 – Where are we know in Christ?

Monday, April 5 – Please read 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 – What is the gospel and how sure can we be of it?

Tuesday, April 6 – Please read 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 – If Christ has not been raised from the dead what is our reality?

Wednesday, April 7 – Please read 1 Corinthians 15:20-34 – If the dead are not raised what should we do?

Thursday, April 8 – Please read 1 Corinthians 15:35-49 – Just as we’ve born the image of earthly what will we also bear?

Friday, April 9 – Please read 1 Corinthians 15:50-58 – In light of the resurrection what should we be doing?

Saturday, April 10 – Please read 1 Peter 1:3-12 – What is our living hope based on?