Some Things Never Change

My thoughts 21 years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers

Some things never change, that’s how it seems

It seemed that Queen Elizabeth would reign forever

It seemed like our city would never falter, never slip back again to the way it was

It seemed like those towers would stand for lifetime after lifetime after

Some things never change that’s how it seemed

Some things never change, that’s what we’ve heard

We’ve heard that time heals all wounds but 21 years later it hasn’t

We’ve heard that good things come to those who wait & yet we still wait these 21 years after the fact

We’ve heard that we will understand it by and by and still it makes no sense, it leaves us speechless

Something’s never change that what we’ve heard.

Some things never change, that’s what we wish

We wish that our resolves would not wane and we’d truly never forget

We wish that our lives would remain the same, our familiar, would stay familiar, our family and friends would not move away or move on.

We wish our heroes would stay our heroes, that they’d never become frail or fall yet father time waits for no one

Some things never change that is what we wish.

In truth, almost everything changes, people, places, things, they all change

There is a Someone, not a something, a Someone that never changes.

This Someone is not a king or queen, that Someone is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

This Someone is not affected by 21 years, 21 centuries or even 21 millenniums

This Someone transcends time and eternity.

This Someone is the same, yesterday, today and forever

This Someone promises us that His steadfast love never changes, that His mercies never end and are the same every morning, that His faithfulness is great

So today, 21 years after our very foundations were shook, we need not seek stability in what seems, in what we’ve heard or in what we wish

But in the One who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Immortal, the Invisible Almighty God, who is our Savior.

The One who never changes.

The One we can count on. Amen