Tomorrow at Calvary Chapel on Staten Island, Back to School Sunday. Join us at 9AM or 11:15AM or on 570 WMCA, live at 11:30AM

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Quote from tomorrows message on “Disrespect in Our City” – “Using the Lord’s name in “vain” means in the way of blasphemy. This is very prevalent in our day and age. But His commandment still stands. It is wrong to use God’s name in vain because He is God and He is holy! It also reveals a lack of vocabulary. Many people cannot express themselves without using profanity. A man who was wonderfully converted several years ago in Texas once told me, “When I was converted, I lost over half of my vocabulary!” – Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Video and Links from today’s Protest of Planned Parenthood at 26 Bleeker St. NYC

protest PPProtest

Link to call Local representatives and Senators and Corporation –

Link to Priests for Life –

Link to Forty Days for Life – – Intro – Father Frank Pavone – Priests for Life – Pastor Kirk Van Der Swaagh – Neighborhood Church – Father Patrick O’ Malley – Pastor Dave Watson – Father Frank Pavone – Father Frank Pavone (cont) – Pastor Dave Watson – Closing Hymn – Pastor Kirk Van Der Swaagh