Wanted: Change Agents like Ezra for this generation. Please share this with a potential change agent you may know.

     One of the greatest change agents in the Old Testament was Ezra from the Bible book of Ezra. He lead God’s people back to the promised land and prompted a national revival. Of Ezra it was said that the good hand of God was upon him because ” …Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach His statutes and rules in Israel.(Ezra 7:10 ESV). This world and God’s people desperately need Ezra’s today. Individuals who know, live and teach God’s Word. In that vein I ask you to please consider the New York Institute for Biblical Studies. You too can be a change agent in your home, at your workplace, in your neighborhood and even in our city.
     The New York Institute for Biblical Studies is in its seventh year. It exists to equip God’s People with God’s Word for God’s Service. Our Fall Classes begin September 10th and 12th and include classes in Bible Survey – Genesis – Deuteronomy, Biblical Theology – A thematic overview of all of the Scriptures, Theology Survey – The Doctrines of God and the Bible, Christian Life and Witness – Basic Christianity, Counseling – Foundations of Biblical Care, and Life Recovery Coaching (Learning how to run a Christian 12 Step Program). All our professors are competent. They have a Masters degree or above and all our courses are cost efficient – They won’t break your budget and some scholarship are available are available. All our classes are held on the campus of Calvary Chapel, 30 Maple Parkway, Staten Island, New York 10303. They are all close by if you live in Staten Island, Brooklyn or New Jersey.
For more information please check us out at http://www.NYIBS.net. Become a change agent Resister online for a Fall course or call us at 718-354-9971 for more information
Click here for a word from our president – Dr. Dave Watson