“50 Days of Prayer at Calvary Chapel”

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So we have almost completed the first week of our “The People Who Pray – 50 Days of Prayer at Calvary Chapel”. How is it going for you? If you’ve fallen behind or not even started please don’t be discouraged.  Start today. There is now time like the present. Here’s the challenge we set forth:

Prayer challenge

Here’s our schedule for the Fifty Days including when to read various chapters in the book 21 of the Most Effective Prayers of the Bible by Dr, Dave Earley

The People Who Prayschedule

Here’s a link to the book we are reading in a Kindle format for .99.



A link to last Sunday’s Message as well as downloadable study guide

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Here’s some of the helps we have for you in easily downloadable formats

How to develop a daily prayer list as well as measuring your prayer index

Developing a Weekly and Daily Prayer List

Downloadable printable daily prayer sheets

prayer sheets


From the book we are reading for “50 Days of Prayer at Calvary Chapel”


“Here’s one final thought on Jacob’s prayer: There are no miracles without messes and no need for blessing if we have it all already. So, if there is a blessing you really need or want and could use to bless others, and you believe that God would want you to have it, then don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask. God is able and, as we saw with Jacob, He blesses the spiritually aggressive. ” -Dr. Dave Earley in The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible