A Prayer to end this National Day of Prayer from Anthony Autera

Our Prayer of Dependence


Almighty God-our Creator and our Father in Heaven—

Who was –Who is and Who is to come.

You are all knowing—all powerful—all providing—all good—all kind and all loving.

We come before you kneeling our hearts, minds and lives in humility and dependence—asking you to forgive us and grant us Your Mercy and Grace because we have forgotten You—pushed You aside—made You unimportant and have trusted in ourselves and our independence more important.

We have forgotten that everything we have has come from You -and we have everything we need- including our Freedom– because of You and You alone.

You have provided for our nation—protected our nation and You have blessed America, abundantly-always and in all ways.

Yet we have forgotten and have let our moral values, our ideals and Your standards decay and chose to fill our hearts with pride- denying our need for You. 


But today at this moment in our history, Almighty God,-since Your thoughts are higher than ours and Your ways are not like our ways, we now look to depend on You for direction and wisdom and be the good and loving God Who we can trust – humbly and dependently needing You to be Our God and Savior.


We need Your will not ours to be done, in our nation, our leaders, our government, our families, our homes, our communities and our own hearts and lives.

We need You to turn our hearts toward you, and the hearts of our fathers to their children and the hearts of our children to their fathers in reconciliation and restoration.

We need Your plans, purpose and providence once again to be on the hearts and minds of our government and its leaders. 

We need You to be King, Ruler and Lord of this great nation that you have given us.


Our gracious Father–it was You who spoke this world into existence and from You and because of You all life exists and has existed.

Speak new life into this Nation, into our hearts, into our independent lives. Restore us, renew us, refresh us and remember us. For you have endowed us with certain unalienable rights, and abundantly bestowed on us our liberties, freedom and all the good and beautiful things we possess.


We need You now oh God,so please bless our dependence on You, from this moment forward –for it is You that we Trust.  AMEN