I have been a shepherd (pastor) in New York City since January 1990. I love this city and its people. This blog will reflect my thoughts, concerns and hopes for the greatest city in the world. Please feel free to share comments as well.


Dave Watson, an NYC Shepherd

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  1. Hello Pastor Dave, just want to thank you for having been the shepherd to whom God sent Linda and me after leaving LDS church. We met you back in ’04 or ’05 when you sponsored “Passion” at some local Staten Island theater, We may even have met you sooner, perhaps in the 1990s when you held an event in the basement of a church on Richmond Road (Linda won a door prize).Took us almost 5 years to finally settle in at Calvary, but it was well worth the wait.

    Unfortunately, we did not heed your warning back in ’08 about a certain presidential candidate and his not-very-biblical platform. We were not the only ones in your flock, nor in the vast pool of American Christians, who also ignored the obvious and chose not to put their values ahead of their politics. Who’d have thought 2016 could bring more severe problems than those the nation faced in Autumn 2008.

    Thank you also for having been there for us in those days immediately after we got the news about Jonathan. Thanks to ALL our Calvary Chapel family, who made those four years we’ve been away seem no longer than a heartbeat. So many were there to comfort us when we needed it most…we still struggle to make sense of it.

    with love, Steve & Linda Bowman

  2. Dave, buddy, HELLO to one of my favorite prayer leaders and RAs I ever had! Thanks for your godly investment at Liberty and your continued faithfulness and perseverance in the local church! Dorm 22 – second floor – was the best!

    1. Hey Chris. Thanks for the kind words. I think of you often and in a great light. I met up with Kelly Carr a few years ago near Dallas. Breakfast with Mark Hine 18 months ago. We have three Liberty guys as senior Pastors including me here on Staten Island. Looks like you are busy in your hometown. Blessing on you my brother. Frank Padilla, one our 22 guys just retired as a parole officer. Crazy.

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