#Never Forget #9-1-1 – Nineteen Years Ago Today

Nineteen Years Ago Today

 Nineteen years ago it was a beautiful September morning, A perfect transition from summer to fall. 

Nineteen years ago it was just another work day, a school day, a Tuesday

A Primary Day to choose Mayoral candidates.

Nineteen years ago the city felt so good, housing was up, the economy was great, stocks were high and our spirits were even higher. 

But all that changed nineteen years ago, nineteen years ago today. And we will never forget! 

Nineteen years ago terror struck our city

Struck our towers, struck them twice

 Nineteen years ago evil incarnate showed up and did the unimaginable

Nearly three thousand innocents were murdered, murdered in broad daylight 

Moms and dads, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers,

Snuffed out by the thief who comes but to rob and to kill and to destroy 

Oh the horror nineteen years ago, nineteen years ago today.

And we can never forget 

And then there were the firefighters and cops.

The first responders, The probies and the vets who ascended the towers and never came back.

 They journeyed from their firehouses & their precincts as they had so many times before

But this time it was different, different in the worst kind of way

For many it was the last ride of their lives. 

They fulfilled their calling as public servants.

They were and always will be NYC’s Finest and NYC’s Bravest 

They became forever this cities heroes, nineteen years ago, nineteen years ago today

And we must never forget  

Today it’s 9-11 instead of September 11th

Today we are still on edge, still nervous about what may happen in our city, in our nation 

Today they have filled the hole and finished the rebuilding

Today they say there’s closure since we got Bin Laden

 But today there are still empty seats at dinners

Today there are empty seats at christenings, at graduations and at Little League games too. 

Today there are empty spaces where dad was supposed to be at the wedding or where mom was supposed be at the baby shower

But most of all there are empty places in our hearts

 So Lord we pray this day that we will feel Your presence and know Your love.

Without You we don’t how we will  make it through this season, this day 

They say time heals all wounds but Lord, You don’t say that, they do

Some holes are just so deep that gravel and steel and buildings and time cannot fill them.

Only eternity can. It is then and only then that You will wipe away every tear from our eyes

Until then, we can never forget 

The horror, the pain, the disbelief,

The courage, the faith, the duty, so clearly displayed

Nineteen years ago, nineteen years ago today


Pastor Dave Watson

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