A Prayer in these difficult times from Chris Rendinaro

   Father, please relieve the families in our congregations and bear them up; let them take refuge in You and hide themselves in Christ Who is their life. Abba Father, we cry out to You for aid and deliverance. You alone can help us; please have mercy on us and lift this virus from our heads. 

   Hear our laments before You as we place them at the throne of grace. We come to You with Christ for our High Priest for help in time of need. You alone, O Christ, are able to save us to the uttermost. Give us the power to run the race set before us with endurance, looking to You Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Not all of us have yet suffered onto the point of death. We look on the great cloud of witnesses around us on earth and in heaven, and we shake off the sins that so easily beset us, and we strain ahead toward You, O Christ. Let us know that by Your perfect blood shed, we are cleansed from a defiled conscience and dead works to serve You, our living God. Give us Your Spirit by Whom we may overcome the flesh and be filled with the life of Christ. Please deliver us from evil, for Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

     Relieve our financial woes, let us protect our homes, protect our elderly, vulnerable, and immune-compromised. Give a peculiar portion of Your Spirit to all the medical workers on the front, like You did for the tabernacle builders and for the judges of old. Strengthen essential workers who are also still out in public in the workforce facing exposure to the virus. Their jobs are indispensable, but their lives and families are at risk thereby. Give them the peace that surpasses understanding. Cover them under Your wings. Touch us, Lord, that we might have faith to persevere.

     Give Your church a special filling to be able to weep with those who weep as we will enter into great grief. If hospitals are being mobilized around the country for sick bodies, may your Church mend hearts and souls. YOU are the Great Physician. You have come not for the righteous but FOR THE SICK. Heal us, Lord Jesus, like You did in the gospels. It may be Your will that many be healed in heaven only and not here and now. But we ask for mercy’s sake that it be now. Do what is pleasing in Your sight. We can only wait on You. Help us to watch and pray, for the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

    May Your same power, O God, with which you raised Christ from the dead, be now in Your church, to minister Your gospel in this season the way that You intend for us to do. This work of ours in the current climate is one which You have prepared for us from before the foundation of the world that we should walk in — so that the boasting may be all in You. For we are Your workmanship in Christ Jesus, fearfully and wonderfully made. We ask to be Your vessels fit for use in Your house. Please do this to the praise of the glory of Your grace, amen.

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