Persistence in Prayer

My Literal translation of Matthew 7:7-8

“Be continually requesting and it will be given freely to you. Be continually seeking and you will find. Be continually knowing and it will be opened to you. Because all the ones continually requesting receive and all the ones continually seeking find and to all the ones who continually knocking it shall be opened.”

“Earlier in this sermon Jesus had given the disciples a model prayer (Matt. 6:9–13). Now He assured them that God welcomes prayer, and urged them to come to Him continuously and persistently. This is emphasized by the present tenses in the verbs: “keep on asking”; “keep on seeking”; “keep on knocking” (7:7). Why? Because your Father in heaven (v. 11) delights in giving good gifts (cf. James 1:17) to those who persist in prayer.” – The Bible Knowledge Commentary

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