2 thoughts on “#eternallife – How To Get To Heaven From New York City

  1. I remember chaperoning you on at least part of your whirlwind NYC tour, as it was in multiple trips. My goodness, NYC suddenly (and hopefully just temporarily) became a whole lot less hustle-bustle-people-everywhere.
    Perhaps it’s a months long Job-like moment for each of His children.
    And it must be a frightening-beyond-belief living nightmare for those who have mocked or ignored Him, or have never given Him more than a cursory glance. Spiritual wake-ups calls don’t get any bigger than this.

    May God’s Will be accomplished with the Pandemic, whatever it may be.

    Miss you and love you Pastor Dave. May you, Deb, Sara, Ben, Katie & husband (Frank?) be covered completely by Jesus’ love & protection for as long as this trial besets our temporary home of earth.

    “Last Days” have been upon us for almost 2,000 years. Their arrival may well be so much closer than we know.

    love to all at Calvary Chapel, and to all New Yorkers, may God comfort be with all who call upon His name.

    in Jesus’ name, amen.

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