2 thoughts on “#SummerSeries -Please share – I’m Searching for ….Rescue

  1. Dear Brother Greetings to you from INDIA, Thank you so much for all your Messages and Teachings which are much Strengthening me and my wife Sara and we are sharing with our Gospel Teams and in our Group Bible Studies in our Churches and Home fellowships, Please Continue send me regularly and Pray for our Gospel Teams as we are reaching to these interior regions in India and Sowing the word of God among these idolatrous Communities as these People never heard about our Lord Jesus. Please Share more good news from your side. in JESUS LOVE, Pastor Babu and Sara. http://www.suvarthavani.org

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axqt565-0v0
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc0lG76dcYY Dear Brother Pastor Dave in JESUS. Greetings to you From INDIA, hope you are Safe and well doing. Today I got opportunity to write you and all these days Since August 3 we have no Power Facilities and Internet Signals dead to explain the Suffering Situations happening with the Heavy Rains and Floods in these Villages especially the River island regions and all the Agricultural Fields Submerged and People do not have Work in the Fields and have no daily food and suffering much especially all the Churches and Members and Gospel Teams with our Fellowship much suffer especially the Children and Widows are much Starving and the Suffering is unexplained, Please Pray and share this dire suffering with our Saints and if there is Possibility Please Provide FOOD and Water and Needs for these People who lost every thing their Food storage Vessels and Cooking utensils and Clothes in these situations and we want to reach and help with your Love and Care. Please Pray and Loves to hear from you Soon.Our Family is safe in these Situations. yours Babu and Sara and Teams. http://www.suvarthavani.org INDIA.

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