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FOom “Leadership Promises for Every Day: A Daily Devotional” by John C. Maxwell –

“1 SAMUEL 17 : 37 Consider David in his battle with Goliath. Why was he able to stand against the giant when the army of Israel pulled back in fear? Here’s how David did it: 1. His perspective differed from others. He saw an opportunity. 2. His methods differed from others. He decided to use proven weapons that he knew would work. 3. His conviction differed from others. He heard Goliath’s threats against the God of Israel and knew God could beat him. 4. His vision differed from others. He wanted to make Yahweh known to the world as the most powerful God on earth. 5. His experience differed from others. He brought to the battlefield past victories over a lion and bear, not months of paralyzing fear. 6. His attitude differed from others. He saw Goliath not as a threat too big to hit, but a target too big to miss. The Maxwell Leadership Bible FEBRUARY 21 GROWTH = CHANGE Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ROMANS 12 : 2 Just about anyone would agree that growing is a good thing, but relatively few people actually dedicate themselves to the process. Why? Because growth requires change, and change is hard for most people. But the truth is that without change, growth is impossible. Most people fight against change, especially when it affects them personally. As novelist Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” The ironic thing is that change is inevitable. Everybody has to deal with it in their lives. On the other hand, growth is optional. You can choose to grow or to fight it. But know this: people unwilling to grow will never reach their potential. Making the change from being an occasional learner to someone dedicated to personal growth is tough. It goes against the grain of the way most people live. Most people celebrate when they receive their diploma or degree and say to themselves, “Thank goodness that’s over. I’m done with studying.” But that kind of thinking doesn’t take you any higher than average. Your”

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