Today was a tough day for the students and familes of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida.

Today was an unimaginably painful day for those 17 families who lost their children to a crazed former student with an AR 15 military rifle.

It’s sickening. And right now, today, it must be about those who have suffered loss and those who have been traumatized including the first responders, cops, firefighters and ems personal.

You want to do something today? Please pray like it matters and like it works for these victims. Right now and tomorrow and the next day and day after that they are left with a hurt that is so raw and deep it feels like it will never heal.

Want this to never happen again? Today, pray that the Lord gives us a national revival that radically changes our hearts and the culture of this nation.

Today….God help us.

2 thoughts on “Today…..

  1. The Vacuum

    Amen!! – Prayer can change things, not things that have already happened but things that may happen in the future.
    Someone said that nature abhors a vacuum. A vacuum was left in the hearts of our children when the Supreme Court ruled that prayer and the reading of the Bible in public schools was unconstitutional. That was back in 1963 propelled by the actions of one woman who was offended by prayer to a God she did not believe in.

    In that same year a vacuum was left in the hearts and minds of many Americans when their president, JFK, was assassinated by one man who did not agree with his policies.
    In both cases the vacuum was quickly filled with demonic forces that inspired the multitude to accept the atheistic world view that God is dead and powerless and that the Bible is irrelevant; so let’s fill that void with the power of nations and men and young minds with total independence accountable to no one but themselves. Let’s feed their hearts with lustful desires of power, fame, fortune, pride and a fleshly appetite once denied them by an old dead God. Let’s introduce these young impressionable minds to foreign gods that appear more glamorous and forgiving to our senses, who imply there is no eternal punishment, no price to pay for our actions. Let’s invoke the gods of money, sex, alcohol and drugs and don’t forget the god of science which will lead us into a glorious tomorrow!

    There now, doesn’t that feel better people? Why in the world would any intelligent person want to believe in and serve a God of love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and that pie in the sky eternal salvation? Let us instead embrace the god of this world that offers us what we really want with no thought or threat of punishment and retribution.
    Based on this new theology the vacuum is now filled to the brim with new and exciting concepts that will surely satisfy every human need. . . or will it? – NEVER! I know it’s old fashion imagery but I’m an old fashion guy and there still exists a God shaped vacuum that cannot be filled with anything other than He who created this creature in His image.

    My heart goes out to all those young lives cut down by an equally young soul aching to find and fill that God shaped vacuum within but instead found only lies and empty illusions of grandeur that told him he would feel important and fulfilled by committing this horrendous act of carnage.

    Very discouraging and disheartening I know but we now have a president who would really like to see prayer and bible reading returned to our schools but he will need all our support and prayers for this miracle to appear. It’s time to pray. . .

    Alfred A. Pecora

    February 15, 2018

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