Hallelujah! This is real!

 This quote is from “The One Year Christian History (One Year Books)” by E. Michael Rusten, Sharon O. Rusten –

“Willfinger completed his missionary tour and surrendered to the Japanese. On December 28, 1942, he was executed. After the war, John Willfinger’s Bible was discovered and inside the cover he had inscribed a poem: No mere man is the Christ I know, But greater far than all below. Day by day His love enfolds me, Day by day His power upholds me; All that God could ever be, That man of Nazareth is to me. No mere man can my strength sustain And drive away all my pain, Holding me close in His embrace. When death and I stand face-to-face; Then all that God could ever be The unseen Christ will be to me. Below the poem he had written, “Hallelujah! This is real!””

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