Church Growth Collaborate – WMCA 570, Calvary Baptist Church

Dr. David Ireland

Practice of Church Growth

1. Catalytic Church Leader – stick with it, hang around passionate people

“My church never grows when my eyes ate dry” – Dr. David Ireland

2. Celebrative worship

3. Creative Evangelism – what wirks here

Greek “oikos” – web of influence

4. Caring enviroment/atmosphere/small groups

People need 6 friends over 6 months

Life activity groups, doing life together

Why are we together?

How we are together?

5. Contributing Member – Part of the engine of the Church


 Core Competancies – Do what we do best. Give other to parachurch

What do we do real well. What are our compentcies. 

6. Changeable Structure

Pastor most change administratively

7. Credible Stewardship

What are you doing with the money? 

Can’t control culture or gifting but can control these 7 

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