Please take a moment and join me in this simple Inauguration Prayer

An Inauguration Prayer

Heavenly Father. Thank you for graciousness to this country. We are thankful that we live in a land where our leaders transition into power by putting their hand on a Bible. We are grateful that you are on the throne. Thank you that though we elect a leader you select our leader. We know that Donald J. Trump is your selection for us and we give thanks for that.

Dear Lord, as Mr. Trump becomes President Trump we pray that You will give him the spirit of King Solomon who in humility sought wisdom from You. We ask that You will give him the spirit of King Hezekiah who in desperation spread his problems before You. We ask that You will give him the spirit of King David who sought to be a man after Your heart. We thank You that his heart is in Your hands, please turn it first toward You

 Gracious God, we give thanks for President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their children and their service. Please keep them safe. May they grow in their relationship with You as they continue on their journey. Please watch over the Trump Family. Guard them, protect them and deepen their faith in You.

Sovereign King of the Universe, we ask that You help our new President to know he is accountable first and foremost to You. May he be reminded of King Nebuchadnezzar who got too proud and You dramatically humbled him. May he remember that there is but one God, You. May he be reminded of King Ahab who saw Your fire fall from heaven demonstrating Your greatness and power.  May he humbly bow daily in Your presence to get help from You

We ask that Your body the Church will rise up to pray for our new President and our nation. May we be a kingdom of priests who bring this man and his family before Your throne. May our prayers be as Incense before You, a sweet-smelling offering to You.

 We ask that Your Body, the church will be a prophetic voice to our new President. If he fails to stand for the unborn may we stand in his way and remind him that it is You who gives life in the womb. If he fails to consider the poor may we stand in His way and remind him that to despise the poor is to despise their Creator. If he fails to seek justice for all may we stand in his way and remind him that the whole duty of man is to love justice and to seek mercy and to walk humbly with Our God.  

We also pray for Vice President Pence who openly proclaims his commitment to You. May he be Your Daniel in President’s Trump ear. Help him to continue to be a man of integrity in the midst of a political world that is often dishonest. Please keep he and his family safe.

Finally Lord we ask that You help all of us be agents of healing. May we Your people rise above the political ranker. Lord, thank you that our hope is not who is in the White House but the one coming on a White Horse. Thank you Lord that You, our relationship with You and You Kingdom are where we find our perspective, our hope, our joy, our everything. Thank you that we are citizens of the United States of America but way beyond that we are citizens of heaven.

Please God, Bless America. Please Lord, make America Blessable

In the name of Christ Jesus Our Lord we pray, Amen.

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