50 Days of a Prayer at Calvary Chapel


“Send me.” This effective prayer caused God to respond by sending Isaiah to his own people to deliver message after message of necessary and convicting warning. And God also sent Isaiah to us, as he would record his messages in what would become sixty-six chapters in the book bearing his name. Isaiah is one of the most amazing books ever written. The promises found in it, especially in chapters 40 and later, are some of my favorites. Yet, beyond the promises are the incredible prophecies. There are prophecies about Israel and her neighboring nations that came true during Isaiah’s own lifetime, as well as dozens of predictions about the Messiah seven hundred years before Jesus was born. They all came true with outlandish accuracy. Beyond that, his many eschatological prophecies give us great insight into the end times and the coming kingdom of God. “Send me” is one prayer God delights to answer – Dr. Dave Earley