Finding my Prayer Index in preparation for “The People Who Pray – 50 Days of Prayer at Calvary Chapel”

The People Who PrayintroT

Becoming “The People Who Pray” – My Prayer Index


Desiring to be “the people who pray” is a great goal. Before we go any further though, it would be a good idea for each of us to evaluate our own present prayer lives. We need to check our prayer index. To do this, please fill in the blanks after the following statements.


  • Let’s begin by rating our prayer awareness. Every believer should maintain a constant relationship with the Lord. Not counting grace at meals how many times during the average day do you find yourself talking to God -_______ (Maximum score is 10).
  • Let’s move now to the frequency of our corporate prayer. This involves praying with someone else like at a prayer meeting or over the phone. Not counting your spouse, how many times a week do you pray with another believer – _______  (Maximum score is 3)
  • Let’s evaluate the frequency of our prayer time. Every Christian should have a daily time set aside specifically to lift up their hearts to the Lord. In an average week, in how many days out of seven, are you able to set aside a specific time for prayer -____(Maximum score is 7)
  • We need to move next to the length of our prayer times. On average how long, in minutes, do you spend in your daily prayer time spoken about above. – ______ (Maximum score is 20).
  • Finally, we need to measure the focus of our prayer life. We all struggle with the “bless me and my three syndrome” in prayer. On average then, in my prayer time, how many items not directly related to me or my family am I praying for _______ (Maximum score is 10 items).


To find your prayer index take your total raw score ________ (Maximum raw score is 50) and multiply by 2. Now give yourself a letter grade.


0 – 59 = F – Power has been cut to my life – Call God-Ed

60-69 = D – My life has a short – power  is inconsistent, see above.

70-73 = C- – Almost average – Overall maintenance needed.

74-76 = C – Average – Is a little more focus is what is needed?

77-79 = C+ – Just above average. What could you improve?

80-83 = B- – Almost good, does your heart need cleaning?

84-86 = B – Good, a work in progress.

87-89= B+ – Super, how could you take it up a notch?

90-93 = A- – Almost great, keep it up.

94-96 = A – Excellent – a model of a person who prays.

97-100 = A+ – Well done. We are watching you.

By June 19th what would you like your prayer index to be ______?

I suspect that many of us are not happy with our prayer index grade. I know that almost all of us will see a need to improve. The good news is that this isn’t our final grade. Let’s spend the next fifty days being tutored by the Master, the Lord Jesus. Let’s allow him to “teach us to pray”. The results will be life changing. I am looking forward to growing with you. May God richly bless us as we seek Him. In His Service, Pastor Dave