The Giant Loss at the Loss of a Giant – The Passing of Antonin Scalia


Today we lost an amazing public servant. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in his sleep sometime last night. He was 79 years of age. He had served on the SCOTUS since 1986. The loss of this man is palpable. He is irreplaceable. Our prayers should go out for his wife, his family, his colleagues and our nation.

Today his family has lost a husband, a father, a grandfather. So many others have lost a friend and a mentor. He was larger than life. He was an inspiration. We can’t imagine their grief. He will be so missed. We need to pray for his wife Maureen and their nine children and 35 grandchildren.

Today the legal world has lost an amazing jurist. He was a judicial genius. He was the leader of the conservative wing of the Supreme Court. He was the chief believer in original intent. Scalia knew the law thoroughly. Scalia defended the law publically and privately. He was a master at his craft. He was a friend to so many in the law profession including the other Justices, many who opposed his views but loved him. Prayer is so needed.

Today, babies in the womb lost a valuable ally. As a strong lifelong Roman Catholic, Scalia stood with the unborn courageously. He was their champion unrelentingly. They needed him. They are the innocent. Prayer is desperately needed.

Today, religious liberty has lost a powerful voice. Justice Scalia unashamedly stood for freedom of religion almost absolutely. He sought to protect people of faith from the secularist of our society who wish to push their beliefs from the public square. We could never thank him enough. Prayers are continually needed.

Today, the Constitution has lost a friend. Justice Scalia took its text seriously. He took its context seriously. He saw it as the bedrock for our nation. He fought against judicial activism. He didn’t believe in legislating from the bench but interpreting the law in light of the Constitution; not the whims of our times. He respected it as a critical document, not a living changing piece of paper but a life giving foundation for our nation. Prayers for our nation are immediately needed.

Today our Nation lost a Giant and it is a Giant Loss. Pray like it matters.


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