For Immediate Release

Pastor Dave Watson and Calvary Chapel in Mariners Harbor are organizing a protest at the Staten Island Mall on Friday, Sept. 4 to call attention to Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts and to the corporations that donate to the nation’s largest abortion provider. From 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., protesters will be outside the mall because three major Planned Parenthood corporate supporters – Macy’s, Verizon and AT&T — have stores inside the New Springville facility. “It’s time to do something,” Pastor Watson said. “These three business support Planned Parenthood through employee matching gifts programs and we need them to know that we, the consumers of their services, are unhappy. If these funds were going to a racist organization, we would make sure our voices were heard. We have a chance to do that now regarding this immoral organization that encourages teenage sexuality, that criminally fails to report when underage girls have become pregnant by adult men and now, as we have all seen, profits from the sale of baby body parts, the same babies whose humanity they deny..The protest will take place in the city-owned lot between the Marsh Ave School and Elmwood Park Drive on Marsh Ave near the Mall. All necessary permits have been secured and the police also will be in the area.. “All we need is for people to show up,” Pastor Watson said. “Come for a half hour, an hour, the whole time, whatever. Just come and stand with the innocent victims, the unborn babies.”