The Power of Prayer and Vision



I took my son to visit Liberty University this week. I and Deb are class of 1982 (Univ) and I am class of 1985 (Seminary). When i arrived  on Candlers Mountain in 1979 there was little more there then red clay and  a God-given dream in the heart of Dr. Jerry Falwell. As I walked on the campus I started tearing up big time. Liberty is a world class university. It is amazing.  Dr. Falwell has been in heaven since 2007 but his legacy lives on.  For my  six years at Liberty I heard him over and over talk of what the University would be and the impact it would make and it has become what he prayed for and what he  envisioned and more. It has over 13,000 on campus students and 90,000 + online students. Liberty is changing the world. In so many ways Liberty and Jerry shaped me as a person and  Christian Leader.  My tears were of joy and gratitude and because I miss Dr. Falwell.

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