God Bless America? – Yeah, right!

fetus 17th week

It may very well be over for this nation. We should be shortly — if we are not already — under the judgment of Almighty God. I watched with horror yesterday the video showing  Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services, discussing the harvesting and use of fetal tissue (by the way, fetus means  “baby”) from abortions. She actually talks about getting a “17  weeker” that day. (http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/15/health/planned-parenthood-undercover-video/) I have watched in equal horror as many have defended the process and said the whole thing needs to be seen in context and  that the video was selectively edited to make Planned Parenthood look bad. They have argued that the process was completely legal and  the political right was exploiting the issue. I watched with still equal horror as others promise to “get to the bottom of this”.

I don’t care if the process is legal. I don’t care if the video is selectively edited. I don’t care if the “parts” are donated and Planned Parenthood is simply being reimbursed. What bothers me and should bother everyone is that this is occurring, period. It is barbarism. It is modern-day cannibalism. It is savagery beneath a “civilized people.”  It speaks to who we have become as a nation that we would allow it, that we would defend it and that we are not so outraged we don’t shut the country down until it stops.

Those of you who in one way or another are trying to defend Planned Parenthood, do you even hear yourself? Do you understand what you are defending? You are acting like these babies are just carcasses of meat hanging in the freezer and the abortion doctors are local butchers giving customers the cut of meat they asked for. What are these clinics, chop shops where we order parts? ISIS cuts off the heads of innocent individuals and we condemn them. Plan Parenthood’s Abortion Clinics dissect the most innocent in a similar manner and our President prays for God to bless them. There is something from hell wrong with this thinking. God help you! God help us!

A few years back Michael Vick was rightfully condemned by the media for the inhumane way he treated dogs. He was fined and jailed for that. What he did was condemned universally as immoral. Is that which goes on behind the closed doors of Planned Parent abortion clinics any less inhumane? It is being done to other human beings for God’s sake. This should be universally condemned. The outrage should be deafening. The most innocent are being sliced up and their parts distributed.  If this doesn’t make us sick what will? If this doesn’t disgust us what will?

Just a few days ago on July 4th weekend I sang with others “God Bless America.” I cannot sing that song again and neither can any other God-fearing person until this barbarism, this horror is stopped. It would be hypocritical. It would be like the German State Church in the 1940’s praying for God’s blessings on Germany while knowing Hitler was exterminating over 6 million Jews .  With this holocaust in our midst God will not bless America. We should not expect Him to. We should expect Him to do just the opposite. God’s condemnation and judgment cannot be far off.

Nahum 3:1 – Woe to the bloody city, all full of lies and plunder— no end to the prey!