A Call to Santity

Let’s break up the club. The Republicans have promised the white evangelical church integrity and supreme courts justices who would protect the constitution and culture. How is that going folks? The Democrats have promised the black church equality that eliminates poverty and insures dignity. How is that going folks? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Here is what I propose. No more white church and no more black church just His Church. No more support of party platforms only a commitment to a kingdom agenda. No more alignment with political candidates or parties only allegiance to our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. No more acting like politicans. From know on we are His prophets and priests. There is no redeeming this system. It’s time to create something that honors Him. Get out of the Devil’s bed Bride of Christ. We’ve been deceived long enough. It’s time for His Church united to charge the gates of hell again.