From “Spiritual Leadership” – by Oswald Sanders – chapter 21


Pride takes many forms, but spiritual pride is the most grievous. To become proud of spiritual gifts or leadership position is to forget that all we have is from God, and that any position we occupy is by God’s appointment. The victim of pride is often least aware of the sin. Three tests help us identify the problem: The test of precedence. How do we react when another is selected for the position we wanted to fill? When another is promoted in our place? When another’s gifts seem greater than our own? The test of sincerity. In our moments of honest self-reflection, we often admit to problems and weaknesses. How do we feel when others identify the same problems in us? The test of criticism. Does criticism lead to immediate resentment and self-justification? Do we rush to criticize the critic? When we measure ourselves by the life of Jesus, who humbled Himself on the cross, we are overwhelmed with the shabbiness, even the vileness, of our hearts, and we cry:   Boasting excluded, pride I abase; I’m only a sinner, saved by grace. James M. Gray