This weekend at Calvary Chapel on Staten Island

Friday night  730pm – Movie night – Woodlawn – The story of a spiritual awakening that brought healing to a city


Admission and popcorn are free

Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M.and 11:15 AM and heard live at11:30 A.M. on 570 WMCA


Kevin McCullough, host of the Kevin McCullough Show heard daily at 3pm on 570 WMCA and 5pm on 970theAnswer. Kevin is a broadcaster, Foxnews contributor, author, husband, father and committed follower of Jesus Christ. He will be sharing a message the Lord has put on his heart entitled  “A Call to Stand”.

Today’s Sermon and Service at Calvary Chapel

I am yours final

Summary of Message

I Am Yours

Romans 12:1-2 – “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Every verse of the Bible is equally inspired by God. Hence the statement “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God”. Some verses however touch more nerves than others. The genealogies of Numbers give to us important insights but John 3:16 points the way to eternal life. Our understanding of certain verses shapes our eternal destiny as well as our earthly path. This point is further proven by our text, Romans 12:1-2.

In Romans 12:1-2 we are given the most important aspect of our walk with God, our need for total consecration. This verse let’s us know that the beginning and the end of a life that pleases God is our commitment to Him. Until we are fully surrendered to the Lord we are just going through the motions regarding the life He wants us to lead.

These verses are an appeal for total consecration. Paul gives us the basis for this appeal when he says “I beseech you therefore by the mercies of God”. In light of all God has done for us in our salvation, Paul is telling us we can and should give Him our lives. His great mercies prove that He can be trusted to take care of us. The great cost He has paid to redeem us shows He is willingly to spare no expense on our behalf. After all God has done for me could or should I give anything less than all of me to Him.

Paul then moves to the body of the appeal in what follows. He begins with a simple mandate. He commands us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. The picture here is one of complete surrender to the will of God. We are to place all that we are, have and ever hope to be on the altar and allow God to do with it what He wills. My feet are no longer mine. He directs my steps. My hands are no longer mine. He guides them. My tongue no longer belongs to me. I give it to Him to control. My eyes are His eyes and are used to carry out His vision. This move to total consecration is called “our reasonable service” or as the New International Version puts it, “our spiritual worship”.

Paul continues the body of His appeal with a command dealing with the maintenance of our surrender to God. We all know that the problem with living sacrifices is that they crawl off the altar. To maintain our commitment we must stop allowing the world to put us into its mold. We are not to be silly putty in the world’s hand, being shaped into the image it desires for us. Rather, he tells us, we are to be transformed (lit. “metamorphized:”) by a continual renewing of our minds. God wants to change us into something special. He wants us to go from an ugly worm to a magnificent butterfly. As we focus on His perspective for us and His power in us through His Word, that transformation takes place.

Paul concludes his appeal by stating the benefits of total consecration. He tells us that having followed the mandate of surrendering ourselves and by maintaining our commitment through renewing our minds, we will experience certain important things about God’s will. We will prove that it is good, that is to say, beneficial for us. We will find it to be acceptable, or better stated, well pleasing. We will like it. Finally we will prove that it is perfect or completing. It brings a sense of fulfillment to our lives.

We know what we are supposed to do. We also know why we are to do it. In addition, we know what will occur as we do it. “All that I am; All that I have; All I shall ever be. Could not repay, the love debt I owe; I surrender to Thee.

Songwriter Terry Clarke may have said it best in his song that I quote now:

Lord, make me a vessel, of Your Word and Your will. Speak your words through these lips, Your own words of life, let them heal the broken-hearted, Lord, make me a servant, I’ll wait on you hand and foot Draw me close, let me know you Let me touch your heart, let me be your prized creation

I am yours, I am yours, I’ve been bought with life so precious, I am new; I’m brand new in you, my Jesus. I am yours, yes I’m yours, you hold all my life in your hand, and when I hear your Spirit calling me, I will follow; yes I’ll follow- because I am yours.

 Lord fill me with your Spirit; baptize me in Your love, Take the fire from the altar let it touch my lips And consume the darkness around me.

I am yours, I am yours, I’ve been bought with life so precious, I am new; I’m brand new in you, my Jesus. I am yours, yes I’m yours, you hold all my life in your hand, and when I hear your Spirit calling me, I will follow; yes I’ll follow- because I am yours.

In His Service, Pastor Dave